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A Dog's World
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A Dog’s World

A culmination of cute photography and 35 tasty, nutritional recipes to keep your dog happy and healthy.

A Dog's World is an absolute 'must have' for dog lovers - or people who simply adore cute canine photos. It combines hilarious and quirky portraits together with homemade dog food recipes with a human twist.

35 homemade meals for your precious pooch includes Puppy Paella, Canine Frittata, Red Velvet Cake - but the twist is, all recipes are made with food that is healthy for your dog. It also has recommended healthy food lists.

Animals SOS Sri Lanka - a charity for whom the author is donating proceeds from the sale of this book, A Dog's World is the result of the paths Asia has chosen to take.

It involves working with animals, experimental cooking, and research into the care of dogs. As well as creating a book for dog lovers around the world.