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Now that’s what you call a dog’s dinner! From winter warmer soup to pulled pork burgers… we reveal the best recipes from a cookbook for pooches 

  • Asia Upward released a photography and recipe book titled 'A Dog's World'

  • It contains healthy recipes for pooches with some added photo humour

  • Asia's motivation came when she saw the desolate street dogs in Sri Lanka

  • The dogs were all sourced on Gumtree as she was new to Melbourne 

  • Icy pole bones, winter warming soup and red velvet pup cakes are included


PUBLISHED: 17:49 AEST, 13 March 2015 | UPDATED: 20:27 AEST, 13 March 2015

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10:00am monday, 16 feb.

Some may say that a recipe book just for dogs is a touch extravagant, but we thumb our noses at those Negative Nancies. Why shouldn't our pooch pal dine on some homemade pupcakes or a refreshing pile of icy pole bones?

If you fancy whipping up some doggie delicacies for the nosh-loving canine in your life, this new book, A Dog's World, will give you a hand. It features snacks, mains and treats that are a tad swankier than your average tinned food, from a chunky winter warmer soup to a hound-friendly pulled pork bun. We happen to have five copies to give away, too – just email us herewith your name, address and let us know why your little one might benefit from some special grub.

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Review: Lovable Lottie and the Lost Toy

First in a series, Lovable Lottie and the Lost Toy is a gorgeous publication filled with photographed images instead of illustrations. 

They are stunning, full-page close-ups with the fluffy and cutest white dog, Lovable Lottie, as the main character (but I think the baby is equally cute). 

Lovable Lottie is given a toy as a welcome gift when she arrives at her new home. She takes it everywhere with her.   
Wonderful images of various stuffed toys in a pull-cart with Lovable Lottie’s toy held in her mouth, sets the playful atmosphere.
At her welcome party on the first day of the week, Lovable Lottie loses her toy. We are asked to help her find it. This gives children an opportunity to enter the story and interact by helping to search for the lost toy within the detailed and vibrant coloured image.
A drive to the country on the second day leaves Lovable Lottie again with a lost toy for the reader to find. This time there are russet, brown, and golden autumn leaves spread across the ground. Where can the toy have fallen?
Each day throughout the week, a new excursion takes place and Lovable Lottie’s toy is lost and must be found. We visit an orchard with lots of apples. A beautiful country-style bedroom is displayed, decorated with incredible handmade crafts that add to the beauty and warmth that flows through the book.
An outdoor scene filled with country animals, includes alpacas, chickens, and dogs. A coloured crocheted rug lies against a cane basket. Rainbow coloured circles which seem to bounce off the lens of the photographer’s camera, appear like scattered transparent balls across the page.
There is the orchard shop filled with fresh produce and more apples and apple products. Then there’s the picnic by a campfire, and the ride in a hot air balloon for a bird’s eye view search for the lost toy.
Will Lovable Lottie be reunited with her beloved toy? Can the children find it for her?
This is an exquisite publication that the very young, and adults, will simply adore. Lovable Lottie will win hearts. But a great contributor to the excellence of the book is the brilliance of the photography which exposes nature in all her finery with colours  ablaze upon the page.

Lovable Lottie and the Lost Toy


Full of fun and hide and seek this beautifully present book, Lovable Lottie and the Lost Toy is  aimed at ages 3-5 years, with the story built around a lovely new puppy and his forever home.

Like all small puppies he loses his toy, absolutely everywhere he goes, causing mayhem trying to find it. He loses his beloved toy at his welcome party, in the apple orchard of his new home, and of all places in the bedroom.  Actually, he loses it everywhere he goes!

Of course everyone is required to help find the lost toy, which means you of course! As each of the pages is built around beautiful photography, with somewhere in the picture the ‘lost’ toy, it will be a huge amount of fun with little one to see who can find it.

Each day of the week, Loveable Lottie loses her precious toy somewhere different, which adds to the colour and enjoyment of the story.

Engagement and enjoyment are the themes of the book, with each of the scenes presenting so many objects and many, many places the lost toy could be, along with many items for discussion as to what is in the bedroom, what is out on the farm and what items are in the shop.

The photography is beautifully presented with the text suitable for beginner readers. A gloriously colourful book, picturing real places about the house and farm, the cutest little Maremma puppy and tons and tons of adventure for everyone to enjoy

Do you think Loveable Lottie really has lost her toy, or is she doing this so you will join her in her play?