Lovable Lottie and The Lost Toy

Lovable Lottie and The Lost Toy

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Lovable Lottie and The Lost Toy is the first book in the Lovable Lottie Series.

Published in 2018

This series is taken from real life events that happen to Lottie at her home in The Blue Mountains.

When Lottie first arrived at Logan Brae Orchard Asia and her family gave Lottie a little stripy squeaky toy. Lottie loved it so much she carried it everywhere with her but as all puppies are she was clumsy and forgetful and often way too excited to remember her toy all the time and where she left it was always a mystery. After Asia kept finding this toy in the most random of places the idea occurred to her that this would be a great story to share with children around the world. With the picturesque Orchard and animals as the backdrop.


Oh no! Lovable Lottie has lost her toy! Can you help her find it? 

Lottie, an adorable Maremma puppy, lives on an apple orchard with her family and other animal friends. With days full of adventurous fun, Lottie is always misplacing her favourite toy but has she really lost it? Is her toy hiding from her? Lottie needs your help to find her best friend. Asia has published two other books. A Dog’s World and Entertaining, A Dog’s World. This is the first children’s book she has published and the beginning of the Lovable Lottie series. 


A beautiful enchanting and captivating book

We all love this truly beautiful book
The best photographic book I have ever seen

By  Hil from Hobart

I love Lottie!

I love my book Lovable Lottie and the Lost Toy because there are lots of animals to meet and nature to look at. I love finding the fox and the lost toy on all of the pages. I also like it because I can read some of the words to myself.
When I went to Logan Brae Apple Orchard I got to meet all of the animals in real life! I liked the alpacas, sheep and chickens but I loved Lottie the most of all. Lottie was like a normal dog covered in snow. The thing I liked about her most was her smile and her hugs. I can't wait for the next book!

By  Oslo, 7 years  from Blue Mountains

This book is so beautiful !!

It is so wonderful to find a book like this. The photos are absolutely gorgeous and my niece loved the story line aswell.

By  Keep up the great work from Queensland

My Daughter's Favorite Book

This is my daughter's favorite book, hands down. I'm happy it is, because reading through the pages with her is entertaining even for me (as a Mum)! The photographs on each page are so colorful and exciting for her, and I think that my daughter loves it so much because the main character, Lottie, still lives on the apple orchard that we love to visit (Logan Brae Orchard, in the Blue Mountains). I highly recommend for young kids.

By  Lisa from Sydney

Great book for siblings to read together

My 10 year old and my 5 year old love to read this book together. They both examine each page with enthusiasm and they take it in turns to spot the toy, they seem to spot a new exciting object each time they read it.

By  Max from Sydney

Enchanting! My boys' new favourite. Incredible photography.

This is my boys' new favourite book. They love the beautiful images. A really nice point of difference for them to have a book that's photographed rather than illustrated, and the photos are truly amazing! They capture an enchanting apple orchard and breathtaking mountain scenery in Australia. My kids (aged 3 and 4) are obsessed with find-it books, and dogs, so they adore this. Well done to the author/photographer for creating these stunning pages.

By  Marn Olly from Jan Juc, Victoria, Australia.

We've found Lotties toy about 7000 times!

My 3 year old asks me to read this book to her at least 3 times a day. She loves it!!! She's actually very keen to meet Lottie in real life because it's a real dog not just drawings. 
Couldn't recommend more highly. I've sent it to all my friends having babies who have older kids so the older ones can search for the toy & keep busy while Mum is with the baby.

By  Naomi from Canberra, ACT

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